What Is Prison Project & How To Refer?

This project can be accessed by self referral or agency referral and is for prisoners with addiction issues from Dunbartonshire and Argyll and Bute who are on remand, or serving less than 31 days.  The prisoner will get weekly support whilst in prison and an assessment will be completed to identify needs.  The Prison Project worker will arrange post liberation appointments and signpost prisoners onto their local community support services.

The Role of The TAS Worker…

Prisoners from West Dunbartonshire can be referred directly into Alternatives where they will receive intensive support and access to a 5 day recovery programme.

The TAS Worker will focus on a number of issues, including:

  • Increasing the individuals motivation to change
  • Reduce and cease offending and drug using behaviour
  • Support the individual to reintegrate into their local community

What We Will Do…

The TAS worker will also help with many practical things eg:

  • Arranging and support to Housing appointments
  • Advocacy
  • Registering with a GP

What To Do If You Want Support From TAS…

  • Speak to an officer and ask to be listed at the Link Centre
  • Speak to Medical Staff and ask to be referred to Alternatives TAS Worker