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About the Safe as Houses Project

SAH photoThe Safe as Houses Project is a joint venture between Alternatives and West Dunbartonshire Housing Services and will provide a service solely for people from West Dunbartonshire

Our premises in the Drumry area of Clydebank have been adapted specifically for our needs and consist of 4 flats, each with 3 bedrooms. This will provide accommodation for 12 service users. There will be shared bathroom and kitchen facilities in these flats. In addition to this there is a room for groupwork, a counselling room and space for staff.

You will have your own individual tenancy agreement with West Dunbartonshire Housing Services.

The service is designed to provide you with a structured environment where you can explore your issues relating to substance misuse. You will be encouraged to learn new skills that will enable you to develop a healthy lifestyle and return to independent living in the community.

Key features of the Safe as Houses Project include:

  •  Structured groupwork programme
  • 1:1 keyworking with individualised care plans
  • A through-care model with supported housing option.

 What Can I Expect to Achieve

By working your way through your programme at the Safe as Houses Project you will see the attainment of a number of goals and achievements such as:

  •  Increased confidence
  • Increased motivation
  • Ability to manage change
  • Rebuilt significant relationships
  • Secured tenancy
  • Increased quality of life
  • Improved health
  • Developed a new sense of identity
  • Created new networks
  • Move away from substance misuse

The Safe as Houses Project is a Theraputic Community (TC)

Everything that happens in a TC is designed to bring about change in community members and allow them to learn, or re-learn, how to function in an alternative lifestyle to the one they have been involved in previously. Community members are part of the TC, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are observed in everything they do: work, leisure, peer interactions, group participation etc. As you progress, it is through the community that change begins to take place; positive examples are set by role models, while negative behaviour is challenged, and recognised change rewarded.

The TC demands that members are drug-free on arrival and remain drug and alcohol-free throughout the programme. Members are expected to treat each other with respect and be aware of how other members are behaving.

The TC has strict moral codes and rules that need to be applied equally and consistently. These rules have been established through years of TC practice and are intended to ensure that the community runs both smoothly and safely. They are also designed to create an appropriate environment in which members can feel safe and able to learn and change.

Service User Involvement

We encourage service user involvement and hope that one day you too will be in a position to put something back into the programme.

We aim to use people who have passed through services to provide you with peer support during your journey through your Safe as Houses programme.

How do I access the Project?

Certain criteria apply to come into the project and we take referrals from from all areas including:

  •  Self referrals
  • Addictions Services
  • Housing/Homeless Departments
  • Mental Health Teams
  • Prison/Throughcare/Criminal Justice
  • Social Work
  • GP’s

For more information on the Safe as Houses project please phone either our Dumbarton or Clydebank Offices.