Alternatives are currently seeking Directors to join our board.

Because we are seeking a range of skills, to arrive at a balanced and competent Board, we respectfully ask you to read the entire application form and then to complete it for our consideration.

The form contains a skills audit questionnaire, where we ask you to self-score on your skills and life experiences. Please do not be put off by this, as it is very much a ‘catch-all.’ We do not expect anyone to be able to score highly across the whole form and hope that you might score well in two or three key areas. Other Board members, whether current or prospective, will score well in other areas – this leads to a balanced range of skills and experience on the Board.

We are especially keen to broaden the diversity of our Board.

Please, as our preference, complete as indicated, print, sign the declaration, then scan/email it to:

Alternatively, please return your completed application form by post to the address below, marked:
CONFIDENTIAL – FAO Donnie McGilveray.