About Us

Welcome to Alternatives

Alternatives are a community based drug project which is overseen by a Board of Directors elected every year from the local community. The Project has been around since January 1995, covering Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven. However, the service received funding to allow development into the Clydebank area, which opened in mid February 2000. Alternatives now operates a West Dunbartonshire wide service operating from two community bases.

Our Mission Statement

Alternatives, as a community recovery programme, aims to support individuals based on their needs incorporating life changing experiences and set them on their ownpath towards a fulfilling lifestyle.

The Alternatives Philosophy

Our philosophy is our belief in recovery. Recovery is a journey of self truth in which an individual is on an ever changing learning curve of personal discovery and development.

Our Vision

Alternatives is a self-sustainable community project, which is a place of respect, safety, recovery and hope for those with addiction-related challenges. We are listening, to service users, to policymakers and to the community.

We shape solutions that work for individuals, so they can make informed choices on their journey from personal chaos towards wholeness and citizenship. We advocate and help access advocacy for those who have difficulty expressing their own views and issues.

Our Values

In all our work, we will enshrine the following core values, to ensure our integrity:

  • honesty;
  • treating all with dignity and respect;
  • trustworthiness, empathy, respect and confidentiality in our pastoral care;
  • acting ethically at all times;
  • valuing the uniqueness of the individual and being responsive to their particular needs;
  • having a willingness to listen and learn; and
  • having an innovative and creative organisational mindset in seeking solutions.

Our funders

Customer Care and Complaints

All our staff aim to provide a good service. But if you have a problem with any part of our service, you can follow our complaints procedure.

Just ask for details or pick up an information sheet in the waiting room. By the same token, maybe you can see ways to improve the service. You’ll find a suggestion box in the waiting room. Or just mention your idea to one of us.

Just Drop In

Alternatives offer a drop in service between 9am -4.45pm Monday to Thursday and 9am- 3.15pm Friday.

You can expect to be seen promptly by a support worker who will make you feel comfortable and at ease, you will be treated with courtesy and respect. After this initial meeting, the support worker will offer you a further appointment, or advise you of a service which better suits your needs.

Any priority or emergency issues can be dealt with at this first meeting if possible. If you choose to return, you will take more time to talk with a support worker: This is what we call an assessment: For you to get to know us and find out what we can offer. For us to get to know you and work out how we might help you.

Need more information or even just a chat?